V.N. Zyryanov1,2

1 Water Problems Institute, RAS, Moscow, Russia

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2 Lomonosov Moscow State University, Physical Department


The physical mechanism of heat transmission in oscillatory processes is described. The effect manifestation in the process of integral heat exchange in the World Ocean deep layers is studied within the frame of a simple one-dimensional approach. The sea surface temperature (SST) has long-term oscillations with amplitudes greater than the trend in mean-temperature increase. The oscillations of SST lead to nonlinear pumping effect in oscillatory processes; heat is pumped out from or into the deep layers, depending on oscillation amplitudes. With increasing SST oscillation amplitudes, the heat comes out and deep layers are cooled, otherwise, with decreasing amplitudes, the heat spreads into the deep layers.

Ключевые слова

pumping effect, heat transmission in oscillatory processes, sea surface temperature, one-dimensional model, deep layers of the World Ocean.

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